Popularising Science in Africa Symposium

The “Popularising Science in Africa” symposium organised and hosted by GKEN concluded with great success. Everyone attended the Symposium was overwhelmed by the success and they informed us that they found the event very inspiring.
Remark from H.E Prof. Afework Kassu, State Minister of Science and Technology

Symposium Highlights

The symposium included various insightful presentations: 

1.      “Education, Design & Practice: Understanding Skill Needs in Africa” by Prof David Humber;

2.      “Teach And Serve For Africa (TASFA)” project by Dr Dereje Tessema, co-founder of TASFA, USA;

3.      “Measuring Collaboration” by Mr Andy Carter and Mr Craig Jones.

The following FIVE project ideas were pitched by GKEN members:

1.      “Developing an Integrated Workforce for Disease Prevention to meet the needs of low and middle income countries: Considering Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dental Education” by Dr Kristina Wonyani (Senior Lecturer & Research lead at Portsmouth Uni).

2.      “Comprehending Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)” by Dr Tsehay Atlaw a Laboratory Practice Scientist.

3.      “Developing a global community education programme for public health” by Dr Nicky Milner (Senior Lecturer & Course Leader for Extended Science Programmes, Anglia Ruskin Uni),

4.      “Advocacy and Action-Plan for Collaborative Efforts towards Popularising Basic Science Education in Africa by Professor Folasade Sulaiman (Professor of Education, Tai Solarin University, Nigeria).

5.      “Plastic surgery and post trauma treatment” by Dr Arup K Ray and Mrs Hiwot Amare (Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery specialist, Nuffield Health, Glasgow

The following Researcher & PhD candidates presented research papers:

1.      “What Organisational factors influence knowledge management? A case study of knowledge management in an FE College.” By Maxwell Danquah (PhD Candidate at LSBU);

2.      “Applying the Delphi Study Technique to Improve Workflow Information Systems Performance”. by Hisham Abougrad (PhD Candidate at LSBU);  

3.      “Understanding human hair” Dr Naima Ali (Researcher  at Imperial College London), (Recent PhD graduate from Imperial College London)

4.      “Discourses on Economic Democracy” by Alex Berhanu (PhD Researcher, SOAS (i.e. School of Oriental and African Studies).

Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Brian Cox -

Professor for Public Engagement in Science and the presenter of the Wonders of science.

We were joined by our Patron and symposium Keynote Speaker who spoke warmly of his time in Ethiopia while filming a show. Before commencing with his presentation on the universe. 

Symposium Objective

The Symposium was organised by Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) in close collaboration with Satellite Connectivity in Education Health (SCIEH) group and the School of Business at London South Bank University (LSBU), bringing together various professionals (academics, researchers and practitioners, and post-graduate students from across various disciplines). 

The focus of the symposium was to continue to make connections and optimise resource use in order to explore how best we can assist academic institutions in Africa to help meet learners and young professionals’ needs in African using Jimma University in Ethiopian as a case in point.

The main objectives include how best to help: Develop & strengthen contemporary pedagogical skills & knowledge towards popularising science as a popular culture. The primary aim of this GKEN symposium will be to make connections and optimising resource use in order to explore how best we can assist academic institutions in the developing world to help meet learners and young professionals’ needs using various academic institutions in Africa as the case in point.

  • The main objectives includes how best to help:
  • Create & strengthen contemporary pedagogical skills & knowledge towards popularising science as a popular culture;
  • Develop "world-class" internationally recognised programmes in education/public health, IT and Information Systems, STEM & other subjects;
  • Strengthening existing and new linkages between those outside Africa with those in Africa and international research, teaching and industry professionals etc
  • Are you interested to meet fellow Africans and friends of Africa academics, researchers and practitioners and research students?
  • Would you like to take part in strengthening systematic partnerships between practitioners and researchers to better connect research and practice, with the ultimate outcome of improved practice, policy, and services for African adult learners?

Our Programme inlcudes presentations and pitching by various experts across different discipline – including:

–  Education; Health; Economics; Humanities

– Technology (Multimedia + Internet of things)

–  Postgraduate research / supervision

– Mentoring / Volunteering This event is for LSBU staff, students, members of LSBU family and GKEN members. Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Contact Details

For any queries regarding our Symposium or future GKEN events please contact us on info@gken.uk