Knowledge Sharing through Print

As part of our ongoing work to share the work of many of our members we are continually working to publish key research submitted to our GKEN Annual Conferences. We are proud to announce that this year we have successfully published two books of three and are currently in the process of working on the third book.

From Knowledge Transfer to Knowledge Exchange

The first of GKEN books published on Africa World Press. This book is was brought together from contributions from a variety of experts and practitioners. It demonstrates the relevance and the paramount importance of knowledge exchange as a two-way process where various stakeholder groups (i.e. knowledge bearers that includes researchers, academics, indigenous communities and also local, national and international institutions) come together and share their ideas and experiences.  

Edited by Amare Desta, Mentesnot Mengesha & Mammo Muchie

For Sustainable Future in the Global South.

This book is an edited collection of papers mainly but not exclusively focusing on how to harness Science, technology and innovation (STI) for sustainable development in Africa and

the low income and developing economies in the global South.

Edited by Mammo Muchie, Amare Desta & Mentesnot Mengesha