What is E.D.M.A about?

The Ethiopian Doctoral and Masters Academy (EDMA)

The Ethiopian Doctoral and Masters Academy (EDMA) was started by GKEN as part of our wider Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) programme which is an ongoing initiative project.

What does E.D.M.A do?

Through our EDMA work we attempt to address some of the challenges faced by Ethiopian’s in Higher Education. 

EDMA brings together Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia who are academics, researchers and practitioners from many countries and various fields with a clear intention to help increase research capacity, knowledge production and ultimately to prepare future generations of Ethiopian scholars by supporting Doctoral and Master level candidates across Ethiopia coming from various academic disciplines.

To enable us to do this we have taken the first step to facilitate the knowledge exchange and skills-transfer towards building the research, training and strengthening the research capacity of Ethiopian academic institutions.




EDMA Impact Ethiopia

The first EDMA project was initiated at Jimma University (JU) which is one of the largest public Universities in Ethiopia.  We chose Jimma simply because the EDMA professional volunteers were hugely inspired by Jimma University’s vision “… aspired to be the leading public premier in Ethiopia, renowned in Africa and recognized in the WORLD”. 

GKEN and EDMA attain greater sustainability through partnership with likeminded institutions, as well as through the following stakeholder groups with whom GKEN has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

·         Addis Ababa University (AAU) 

·         Addis Ababa Science & Technology University (AASTU)

·         Jimma University (JU)

·         Mekelle University (MU)

·         Gondar University (GU)

·         Computer Professionals United (CPU)

·        Arsi University

·         Bahir Dar University

·         Debre-Tabor University

·         Dire Dawa, University

·         Haramaya University

·         Hule Bora University

·         Injibara University

·         Wolkitie University

Other institutions with which GKEN have signed MoU are:

·         African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), Nairobi, Kenya

·         African Universities; Research Approaches programme (AURA) of UK

·         Alliance for Brain- Gain and Innovative Development (ABIDE)

··         Ethiopian Academy of Science (EAS)

·         Portsmouth University of UK

·         Satellite Connections in Education & Health (SCIEH) group of UK



Partner up with GKEN

If you would like to learn more about our EDMA programme and how you can partner with GKEN please drop us an email at info@gken.uk.