Conferences & Workshops

Through out the year we hold a number of Conferences and Workshops. These include our week long annual GKEN Conference and Workhops, Block Teachings and regular Workshops.

GKEN Annual Global Conference & Workshop’s 

Conference and Workshops Aims:

Since our launch in 2011 we have held our annual conference bringing academics together to share and exchange knowledge. Our conferences have taken place in two countries, UK and Ethiopia and every year it has attracted academics from around the world.

In 2015, during our 5th Conference we held our annual conference in Ethiopia for the first time.

  • Explore how African knowledge based entities can increase their Knowledge & Innovation (K&I) .
  • Provide a platform where individuals and institutions can collaborate with and participate in science and evidence based research projects.
  • Become the top conference bringing the top PhD and Educations individuals and institutions in Africa and the Diaspora.

Following our very successful 7th GKEN Conference/Workshop at Jimma University in Dec. 2017, we are proposing to return to Africa again for our 8th Conference and Workshop under the PROVISIONAL title of Unlocking the Potential of Global Learning Community (GLC) and Creating a Space for Professionally Enriching Work Environments for Learners and Teachers”

Past Conference & Workshops

7th GKEN Conference & Workshops (2017)

Theme: Accelerating Educational Excellence & Public Health Provision in Africa

6th GKEN Conference & Workshops (2016)

Theme: Exploring opportunities for professional and personal development needs in Africa

5th GKEN Conference & Workshops (2015)

Theme: Connecting Knowledge and Innovation (K&I)

4th GKEN Conference & Workshops (2014)

Theme: Comprehending the role of Education or Health nodes in creating a Sustainable Future

3rd GKEN Conference & Workshops (2013)

Theme:  Exploring the challenge and opportunities for inclusive innovation and sustainable development

2nd GKEN Conference & Workshops (2012)

Theme: From indigenous knowledge to innovations and development in low-income countries: The case of Ethiopia and Sub-Saharan Africa

1st GKEN Conference & Workshops (2011)

Theme: Unlocking the Potential: The Challenges of communicating and Exchanging Knowledge