Our Work

GKEN is a Global knowledge Exchange Network run by volunteers of academic scholars who are  passionate about Africa and who believe in the power of working together to become the change makers.

We are currently running a number of projects which include:


GKEN Platform

GKEN Platform

Our GKEN website is a platform for us to share the work of GKEN and also to provide a platform for academic, scholars, students, institutions and companies wishing to work together to address the issue of ‘Brain Drain in Africa’.



Since our launch in 2011 we have held an annual global conference bringing together academics focused on Higher Education in Africa together to share and exchange knowledge. Our conferences have taken place in two countries, UK and Ethiopia and every year it has attracted academics from around the world.


The Ethiopian Doctoral and Masters Academy (EDMA). EDMA attempts to address some of the challenges faced by Ethiopian’s in Higher Education.

GKEN Research Publications

GKEN books publishing key research from our members and from papers received from our GKEN Annual Conferences.