Call For Paper

 datesGKEN4Africa cordially invite research paper submissions to the 6th International Multidisciplinary Conference and Workshop taking place December 2016 in Ethiopia.

‘Educational Excellence in Africa’

This 6th edition of the conference aims to create a stronger opening on educational issues in Africa as the goal is to revitalize the academic discussion with a new format in order to make the academic and research discourse more relevant for practice. The organisers therefore hope to widen the base of relevant case studies, and at the same time, strengthen the reflection regarding these practice-based cases.

GKEN therefore welcomes participation from researchers and practitioners from the many disciplines and perspectives bearing on the interaction between community and technology in both natural and social sciences including education, health, engineering, information technology among others. 

Conference & Workshop Themes

The theme for the 6th conference is ‘Educational Excellence in Africa’.  The following subthemes present the variety of topics on the agenda:

  • How can Innovations and Educational Excellence in Africa be turned into reality?
  • How can Africa be truly transformed?
  • How can innovations & educational excellence in Africa contribute to the sustainable livelihoods?
  • What role various stakeholder groups (including the Diasporas) play in shaping tomorrow’s Africa?
  • How can we accelerate innovations & the pace of change?
      • What needs to be done?
      • What are the challenges and opportunities?
      • What resources are available?
      • How can demographic transition, population growth, and economic growth should be handled?


Sector Specific (Best Practices)


  • Information age, ICT and knowledge exchange techniques;
  • Public sector experiences: eGovernance and eService;
  • ICT for healthcare, agriculture or tourism development;
  • ICT for empowerment: diversity, gender equality and human rights;
  • ICT for eLearning;
  • ICT in emergencies and crises in manmade & natural disasters;


  • Health promotion, health equity and healthcare;
  • Health literacy and Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Healthy cities, communities and human settlements;
  • Inter-sectoral action for health & from better knowledge to improved policies.


  • NGOs, INGO’s & capacity building schemes;
  • Components of mentoring and academic excellence in African Universities
  • Challenges / Opportunities in post-graduate education in Africa;
  • Vocational education and sustainable livelihood;
  • Embedding & maintaining academic Integrity;
  • Business and Economy in Education.


Each abstract will be reviewed by 3 – 4 external experts notification of acceptance or rejections of submitted abstracts will be sent to the corresponding authors via email ealy to mid October 2016. Full instructions concerning preparation and presentation will be included.


All the accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings and further revised versions of selected papers will be published in special issues of peer reviewed journals. There is also a good opportunity for your paper to be part of GKEN edited book series. We also plan to publish ALL accepted papers within 6 months after the conference.

Types Of Submission

Your submission can be in any of the following four categories.

  • An abstract only paper between 100 & 300 words but not more than one page; or
  • A proposal/work in progress paper to be no longer than 5 pages; or
  • A competitive full paper to be no longer than 15 pages; or
  • A literature review paper to be no longer than 15 pages but needs to provide theoretical insights based on reviews of relevant literature.

Important Dates


July 30, 2016  / Thursday 15th September 2016

Following a number of requests we have extended the submission deadline  – new dates

Abstract Paper submission extended to 10th of October 2016 (midnight BST)

Full Paper submission extended to 10th of November 2016 (midnight GMT)


Abstract Paper from 15th October 2016

Full Paper Submission from  20th November 2016

Submission & Questions

All abstract submissions should be emailed to:

Should you have questions regarding abstracts or need assistance, please contact the abstract team: