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Africa’s leading PhD and Higher Education conference where the top experts come together to exchange and share know how, reveal strategies and engage each other.


Following the very successful 7th International Multidisciplinary Conference & Workshop event GKEN jointly co-hosted with Jimma University in Dec. 2017, we are now proposing once again to host the 8th GKEN Conference / Workshop event and our first Doctoral Consortium in/with Africa, 2018 under the PROVISIONAL title of:

Unlocking the Potential of Global Learning Community (GLC) and Creating a Space for Professionally Enriching Work Environments for Learners & Teachers


Further details will be announced very shortly.


Past Conference & Workshops

7th GKEN Conference (Dec. 2017) Accelerating Educational Excellence & Public Health Provision in Africa, Jimma University, Ethiopia

6th GKEN Conference (Dec. 2016) Exploring opportunities for professional and personal development needs in Africa, Queen Mary Univerity of London (QMUL), UK

5th GKEN Conference (Dec. 2015) Connecting Knowledge and Innovation (K&I), United Nations for Economic Commission for Africa (UN-ECA) and Jimma University, Ethiopia

4th GKEN Conference (Dec. 2014) ComprehendingExploring the role of Education or Health nodes in Creating a Sustainable Future) Queen Mary Univerity of London (QMUL), UK

3rd GKEN Conference (Nov. 2013) Exploring  the challenge and  opportunities for inclusive innovation and sustainable development, London South Bank University, UK

2nd GKEN Conference (Dec. 2012) From indigenous knowledge to innovations and development in low-income countries, London South Bank University, UK

1st GKEN Conference  (Sep. 2011) Unlocking the potential: The challenges of communicating and exchanging knowledge, London South Bank University, UK


Call For Paper

Submission to GKEN 2016 Conference Now Open


5th GKEN Conference
group pict

I want to confess that we really enjoyed the conference and I promise to attend next year’s conference. We will also ensure that we host it in our University in Nigeria. Looking forward to seeing you.

Dr. Odunaike





The conference met all of my expectations and more. The preparation, presentation, attendance and mix of people in respect to knowledge, intellect, age, gender, political outlook, etc. was excellent. This is not to say there is no room for improvement – after all was the first of many meetings, and to get it right the first time is everyone’s dream. I congratulate the organisers for such a great achievement.

Yosias Tadesse

This was my maiden public appearance since completing my PhD in somewhat solitary confinement. I felt it a great honour present my work to my fellow country men and women. I was proud to be part of historic event and hope my contribution was appreciated . Thank you again for making it happen.

Dr Hailemichael Teshome




I am indeed short of words! It is evident that the impacts of what you and the other team members of GKEN are doing are indeed global which in the future will positively touch all nooks and crannies of African continent and beyond. It is amazing to be associated with GKEN. Once again, I remain grateful for the opportunity to be part of GKEN.

E. A. Alademerin (Ph.D)