PhD Scholarship in Machine Learning for Multidimensional Data

One PhD scholarship in Machine Learning for Multidimensional Data is available at Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK.

The Scholarship/Funding

This is a full scholarship for UK/EU applicants, covering tuition fees and standard living costs. For other applicants, the same amount of scholarship is available but they have to find additional financial support to cover the difference between home fee and international fee. Additional funding opportunities are available here.


This position will be open until filled with preferred starting date in September/October 2017

Research Topic

The PhD research project will focus on machine learning methods for big multidimensional data (i.e., tensors) with applications in brain imaging, neuroscience, medical imaging, and beyond. Within this scope, the project will be tailored to the interest and technical strength of the candidate. Examples of learning methods include component analysis (PCA, ICA, CCA, LDA, PLS) and their nonlinear/probabilistic/scalable extensions for dimensionality reduction and feature extraction, sparsityconstrained models for regression and feature selection, and low-rank/generalized models for matrix/tensor completion. Examples of applications include fMRI analysis for brain state decoding or brain disease detection/classification, lung MRI analysis for pulmonary vascular disease studies, EEG signal analysis for brain–computer interface or brain disease detection/classification, recommender systems, and computer vision.

How to apply

For application details click here.