JIMMA- Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) said it is working to switch brain-drain challenges into opportunities.

GKEN Co-founder, Chairman and Ethiopian Doctoral and Masters Academy (EDMA) Director Prof. Amare Desta, at recently held 7th International Multi-disciplinary Conference and Workshop, noted that GKEN aspires to cultivate local researchers, knowledge exchange initiative and reinforce Ethiopian and Ethiopian born professors’ support to the local community.

“Promoting indigenous knowledge at the grass root level should be the main concern of Ethiopian intellectuals.”
Prof. Amare also said that: “We have to think beyond the horizon on how to invigorate and interrelated indigenous with scientific knowledge to utilize it for the national development endeavors.”

GKEN has 1,541 volunteer members with Professors and Ph.D level performing and practising various academic researches worldwide, he said. According to him, these Professors and Doctors have been contributing to bring about a tangible knowledge exchange and provide students here with competent advisory, support and mentorship.

President of Jimma University Prof. Fikre Lemmesa said that the main objective of the conference is to exchange GKEN member professors’ research, teaching-learning and innovation experience among the local university students and researchers. Currently, the members of GKEN are providing free supervision and mentorship service to post-graduate and doctoral candidates, Prof. Fikre added.

Over 250 Ph.D graduated students have been offered advisory service by Ethiopian legendary network member professors working in different international universities, Prof. Fikre said. According to Prof. Fikire, hosting this conference creates a good platform to exchange knowledge, present researches and publish journals together.

“This conference is part of the university’s strategy of internationalization and will bring a lot of opportunities to diversify our university’s extensive engagements”, Prof. Fikre noted.

Prof. Fikire reaffirmed his university’s commitment to reinforce partnership with GKEN in different areas and succeed the university’s move in serving the community.

For his part, GKEN-EDMA Jimma University Coordinative Manager Demelash Mengistu (Ph.D) said that supporting, supervising and mentoring postgraduate and doctoral candidates are the foremost objectives of EDMA’s establishment. “Ethiopian and Ethiopian born university instructors in UK, Australia, Canada, US and other countries assigned as an external advisor and they are helping our students with fresh insights,” he added.
Nigeria’s Premier University of Education Prof. Edwards Adeseye Alademerin (Ph.D) said that knowledge transfer is obsolete this time and has changed with knowledge exchange. Intensifying efforts in developing competent human powers, advancing such knowledge exchanging networks and investing more in education is essential to manage the impact of brain-drain, he recommended.

Accordingly, participants from Ethiopia and Africa working in the global universities as well as African lovers are attending the conference.


Source The Ethiopian Herald