JOBS for Ghana’s Graduates: Nothing tops INDEPENDENCE! SHS, TVET, HND & Uni graduates.

APPLY Online for work experience:

Leady by AmDeCo, a Ghanaian tech and business support organization. Applicants will be given the opportunity to learn more about the available job and internship placements and hear from, interact and learn about the world of corporate Sales & Marketing with experienced sales executives. Info sessions will soon be scheduled for the Ashanti, Central, Western and Northern Regions.

“This project is about the impact of matching 1000 unemployed graduates with a tangible opportunity to transform the trajectory of their futures. We envision that after gaining practical experience with our corporate clients, those Interns that are so inclined can think about climbing the corporate ladder or eventually go on to start-up their own businesses successfully offering products or services that solve local problems for our country’s development,” says Amma Gyampo, founder of AmDeCo

The #1000Interns program was launched in February 2018 and aims at securing unemployed graduates both at the senior high and university levels with opportunities to enhance their employability while equipping them with skills relevant to the job market. Over 500 applications have applied so far online. Over 200 have since been screened and selected for information sessions.

Several local entrepreneurs and business people including Freed Deegbe, CEO of HTW Shoes have shared their thoughts with Amdeco in a series of promotional videos about the importance of internships on the path to success.

APPLY Online for work experience: