GKEN 2016 Conference Update

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Following the very successful 5th GKEN Conference / Workshop we jointly hosted in Ethiopia, we were prepared to host the 6th GKEN between the 12 th – 18 th of December 2016 and in response to our call, we have received 60+ exciting Abstract/research papers.

No doubt you all are aware that the current situation in Ethiopia is very problematic. This may, therefore impede the GKEN volunteers from fully engaging with the 6th conference and workshop events, and from producing tangible results in the universities across Ethiopia as it was originally planned.

Our partners in Ethiopia, including Jimma University, while extremely positive about hosting the 6th Conference and Workshop, are now also agreeing, due to the present condition, that we postpone it by a few months until the situation improves. The conference organising committee, therefore have now decided to postpone the planned 6th GKEN event in Ethiopia to later dates (e.g. Easter or Summer time).

At the same time, the committee also decided to organise an event here in London in mid-December in order to reflect GKEN’s 5-year journey (including the publication of GKEN 2 books) and to also set a strategic direction for our future work. The organising committee will, therefore be meeting this Friday (the 28th of Oct) to plan the nitty-gritty of organising an event.

I’m also sure you are pleased to also know that the noble work of EDMA that provides supervisory or mentorship support to Doctoral and Masters Candidates academic work is getting stronger and stronger.

We will continue to keep in touch and inform you of the progress we are making.

Best regards,

Dr Amare Desta.

(on behalf of the 6th GKEN conference / workshop organising committee).