We are thrilled to announce EDMA member Alpha Abebe’s work on Diaspora Studies is now available in the recent publication of the Routledge Handbook of Diaspora Studies (Edited by Robin Cohen, Carolin Fischer).

The Routledge Handbook of Diaspora Studies series examines; ‘debating the concept’, ‘complexity’, ‘home and home-making’, ‘connections’ and ‘critiques’ around the topic of the Diaspora. The editors have carefully blended established scholars of diaspora with younger scholars looking at how diasporas are constructed ‘from below’.

Alpha Abebe’s work appears in Chapter 6 which looks at Performing Diaspora. This is informed by her doctoral research which focused on Ethiopian diaspora identity. To learn more about her research focus, you can read her blog entry which was first published on the International Migration Institute blog on April 7, 2017

Young diasporans travel to Southern Ethiopia, 2009 © Alpha Abete

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About Dr. Alpha Abebe

Dr. Alpha Abebe is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University in the Faculty of Humanities. She completed her doctorate in International Development at the University of Oxford in 2016. Her research examined the ways in which people of Ethiopian descent born and/or raised in Canada and the U.S. construct a diasporic identity and engage with Ethiopian development initiatives through a mutually constitutive process. She has spent several years as an international and community development practitioner, with a focus on youth engagement and education. Alpha is also a photographer and makes use of natural light and lines to bring life to the subjects in her work, whether they be people, landscapes or mundane objects. Her art, advocacy, and academic work are all informed and strengthened by each other.

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