Call for Papers:  “Symposium on the Impacts of Climate Change on Lake Victoria”
Kampala, Uganda, 3rd-4th December 2018Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in the world, and it is surrounded by three East African States: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The Lake Victoria Basin, which also involves Burindi and Rwanda, is one of East Africa’s most prominent landmarks. It not only provides the headwaters of the White Nile, but is also central to the development and regional integration of the East Africa Community.Lake Victoria is under pressure in a variety of ways. For instance, changes in water levels, increased pressures on land for agricultural use due to population growth, increased demand for water for energy generation and socio-economic development, and the growing trend of moving from rain-fed agriculture to irrigation. Added to these problems are those related to climate change such as increases in surface temperature, increasing variability in rainfall patterns, intensive evaporation and changes on the hydrological regime of Lake Victoria and the rivers it is associated with.Over the past years, a variety of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects have been undertaken across the Lake Victoria Basin. In addition, many investment projects to cope with the problems seen in the region have been performed. But even though many projects and practical initiatives on matters related to climate change are taking place across the Lake Victoria Basin today, there is a paucity of specialist events where climate change mitigation and adaptation studies and projects taking place in the Lake Victorial Basin are presented and discussed with an international audience and in an interdisciplinary way.

It is order to address this need that the „Symposium on the Impacts of Climate Change on Lake Victoria“ is being organised. The event will gather and promote information on climate change initiatives being undertaken by African and non-African organisations and
scientists undertaking projects and performing research on climate change in the Lake Victoria Basin.

The experiences from the event will be helpful in COP 24 to be held in Katowice, Poland on 3rd-14th December 2018. At that event, known as “faciltative dialigue”, countries are expected to report on progresses since Paris. This Kampala event will provide a solid basis upon which experiences on climate change mitigation and adaptation on the Lake Victoria Basin can be documented and disseminated to a wide audience.

The event is organised by Makerere University (Uganda), the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the International Climate Change Information Programme, in cooperation with various organisations.

Submitting an abstract

An abstract should be up to 200 words, it should describe the rationale and aims of the paper, and some of its results. General descriptions of broad contexts should be avoided. The full contact details of the author(s) need to be provided. Abstracts should be written in the third person and not in the first or second one (e.g. I, me, or my paper). Please see a sample abstract in the next page. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will receive further details about how to submit their full papers and further logistical information.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 20th September 2018

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