The 7th GKEN Conference & Workshop event was hosted successfully under the theme of “Accelerating Educational & Public Health Provision in Africa”.   We feel very privileged to have had 24 distinguished professionals (i.e. academics, researchers & practitioners from 5 countries (i.e. Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, UK and USA who came together to Ethiopia by mobilising their own resources and then traveled to Jimma, Ethiopia in order to share their ideas and experiences with fellow professional colleagues and learners / research candidates at GKEN’s hub, Jimma University. 

 The event was opened on 11th December 2017 by the president of Jimma University Prof. Fikre Lemessa and an insightful closing remark was made by the Guest of Honour, Prof. Farida Fortune

 We are very grateful indeed to many people for delivering inspiring Keynote speeches, running educational and result oriented workshop sessions and continued to deliver a week-long Block Teaching – even after the conference workshops event was successfully completed. 

 We are also very grateful for many people who have presented their exciting initiatives in/for Africa and also presented their evidence based and insightful research papers.  The list of speakers and presenters and their profiles is available on our partner’s, Jimma University, website. Many of those who attended have informed us that the conference / workshop events were an uplifting and they are hugely inspired by the 12 days long event which commenced on Monday, 11th December and ended on Friday the 22nd of December 2017.

 We also feel ALL the events were a ground-breaking success. Please read here what the Ethiopian national newspapers has been saying about the 7th GKEN conference in English & in Amharic. We are pleased to let you know that all the presentations materials and further details will also be available soon.  Be on the lookout for our newsletter and also check our website. Catch glimpses of the event in this video