Without the continues work of all the GKEN volunteers we couldn’t do what we do.

Meet The GKEN Team


GKEN Platform and Projects are run by volunteers:

Dr Amare Desta (Chair)

Prof. Farida Fortune (Co-Chair)

Miss Nardos Wakjira (Administrator)

Ms Featiya Said (Coordinator)

Miss Bilen Shiferaw (Project coordinator / web Developer)

Mr Mike Hailu (Press & Media Coordinator)


GKEN’s Active Researchers / Consultants:

Dr Amare Desta (PhD, M.Ed, MSc, LCGI, BSc (Hons) (Team leader)
Prof. Chris Prof. Chris Louca (PhD., BDS, AKC, Bsc (Hons)
Dr Edwards A. Alademerin (PhD, M.Ed, BSc (Hons)
Dr Elfneh U. Bariso (PhD, MSc, MA, PGDMgt, PGCE, BA)
Dr Hailu Hagos (PhD, MSc, BA)
Dr Kaolat. O. Odunaike (PhD, MBA B.Sc (Ed)
Dr Janice D. Busingye (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed)
Mr Mentesnot Mengesha (MPhil, MA, PgDip, BSc)
Prof. Wane Njoki (PhD, M.Ed, MScM.OD. B.Ed , Dip)

GKEN Conference Team

The 6th Conference is organised by the core conference team in London and the local team in Ethiopia.

For all queries regarding our 6th Conference please contact here or drop us an email on 


Dr. Amare Desta – Programme Coordinator

Nardos Tekle – Abstract Paper & Conference Coordinator

Bilen Shifferaw – Marketing & Conference Coordinator

Featiya Said – Conference Coordinator

Mike (Tibeb Intermedia) – Press & Media Coordinator


Dr. Zenebe Beyene (AAU) – Conference Coordinator & Facilitator

Ms. Meliha Seman – Country Conference Coordinator 

Miss Roman Tekle – Country Conference Coordinator 


GKEN Founders

GKEN founding members are:

  • Dr. Amare DESTA
  • Mr. Mentesnot MENGESHA
  • Prof. Mammo MUCHIE
  • Mr. Abiy NEGUSSIE
  • Mr. Behailu NEKATEBEB


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We are always looking to expand our work. This can only be made possible by the hard work and contribution of our team members.