Who We Are


Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) was established in 2011 with the aim of facilitating a sustainable exchange of knowledge for African and friends of Africa researchers, academics, practitioners and students coming from different disciplinary backgrounds in order to exchange and share their knowledge and experiences and form active and productive networks.

GKEN is now legally registered in the UK as a non-for-profit organisation.


Simply put our mission is to connect people with information,  information with knowledge and knowledge with information.

In addition to organizing multi-disciplinary conferences series, GKEN also has a number of plans to translate its objectives into reality, these are:


Since launching in 2011 GKEN has organised 7 International Multidisciplinary Conferences in the UK and Ethiopia.

  • Initiate, improve, strengthen and sustain knowledge communication amongst Africans and friends of Africa across the world
  • Exchange information to support younger African researchers to succeed in their chosen professional fields
  • Diffuse ideas on what the key priorities are for Africa to build knowledge with relevance to improve livelihoods of the people
  • Exchange how to identify sources for support to improve quality training in research to increase the harvest in publications and patents
  • Create a global knowledge network that continues to connect the homeland with those outside the homeland
  • Share ideas and novel best practice how to convert knowledge into innovation and practical activity
  • Imbue the younger generations with a culture of creative thinking, problem solving and foresight in invention and innovation