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Our mission

Global Knowledge Exchange Network (GKEN) was established in 2011 with the aim of facilitating a sustainable exchange of knowledge for African and friends of Africa researchers, academics, practitioners and students coming from different disciplinary backgrounds in order to exchange and share their knowledge and experiences and form active and productive networks.

Our mission is to connect people with information,  information with knowledge and knowledge with information. In addition to organizing multi-disciplinary conferences series, expanding our EDMA programme, delivering block training and CPD workshops.


Our GKEN platform is a way for us all to COME TOGETHER, DIALOGUE and TOGETHER
to convert 'Brian Drain' into BRIAN GAIN' in AFRICA

Meet Our Patron

We are honoured to have Prof. Brian Cox join as GKEN Patron.  Prof. Brian Cox will be a key support in our work to strength science in Africa. Brian Cox OBE, FRS is Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester and The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science. Widely recognised as one of Britain’s leading scientific presenters, Professor Cox has presented countless critically acclaimed science programmes for the BBC 21st Century Space Race (2017), Forces of Nature (2016) and Wonders of the Universe (2011), to name but a few which have greatly publicised and boosted the popularity of science, in particular astronomy and physics. Professor Cox’s contributions to science have been recognised through a number of awards, including the Institute of Physics’ Kelvin Prize in 2010 and the Royal Society’s Michael Faraday Prize in 2012.

Professor Cox has also wowed audiences with his highly popular series of live theatre shows, in which he combines stunning visuals with incredible facts to captivate, inspire and engage his audiences; he currently holds the Guinness World Record’s title for ‘most tickets sold for a science tour’. In addition to his successful television and public speaking career, Professor Cox has co-authored several books such as Universal: A Guide to the Cosmos (2014) and Why Does E = mc2? (2009) of which over a million have been sold worldwide

Meet our team

Meet GKEN platform and programme team:

Prof. Farida Fortune (Chair of Board of Directors)

Prof. Amare Desta (Chair)

Prof. David Humber (Co-Chair)

Mr Tamerat Bekele (Secretory)

Dr Hailu Hagos (Training & Mentoring Coordinator)

Mr Mike Hailu (Press & Media Coordinator)

Miss Nardos Wakjira (Conference Administrator)

Ms Featiya Said (Coordinator and Event Organiser)

Miss Kisanet Hail (Youth Project Coordinator)

Miss Bethlehem Belay (GKEN Promotor and Event Organiser)


Meet GKEN active researchers and consultants:

Prof. Amare Desta (PhD, M.Ed, MSc, LCGI, BSc (Hons) (Team leader)

Prof. Chris Prof. Chris Louca (PhD, BDS, AKC, Bsc (Hons)

Prof. Farida Fortune (PhD, BDS MBBS MRCP, FRCP, FDS RCSeng, FGDP, PhD, Dip Ed teachers]

Prof. Edwards A. Alademerin (PhD, M.Ed, BSc (Hons)

Dr Elfneh U. Bariso (PhD, MSc, MA, PGDMgt, PGCE, BA)

Dr Hailu Hagos (PhD, MSc, BA)

Dr Kaolat. O. Odunaike (PhD, MBA B.Sc (Ed)

Dr Janice D. Busingye (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed)

Mr Mentesnot Mengesha (MPhil, MA, PgDip, BSc)

Prof. Tessema Astatkie (PhD, MSc, BSC)

Prof. Wane Njoki (PhD, M.Ed, MScM.OD. B.Ed, Dip)

Meet our GKEN founding members:

Prof. Amare Desta

Mr. Mentesnot Mengesha

Prof. Mammo Muchie

Mr. Abiy Negussie 

Mr. Behailu Nekatebeb 

Our Partners